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Barcelona ($BAR) Fan Token Offering

When: Monday June 22nd  – 48 hours only



On Monday June 22nd, the Barcelona ($BAR) Fan Token will go on sale on This sale will last for 48 hours only.

During the sale period, $BAR Fan Tokens will be priced at €2.  As soon as the 48 hours are over, price will be determined by demand.

So, why should you – a Barcelona fan – own a $BAR Fan Token?

10 Reasons Why Every Barcelona Fan Should Own A $BAR Fan Token

1. Get closer to Barça, no matter where you live

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the stadium, or 10,000 kilometers away – the passion is the same. $BAR Fan Tokens will bring you closer to the club you love.

2. Make your voice heard

You will be able to use $BAR Fan Tokens to vote in lots of polls on, giving you – the fan – the opportunity to influence club decisions.

3. Vote straight away

You’ll be able to use $BAR Fan Tokens to vote in the first FC Barcelona poll to choose a fan designed artwork to go inside the dressing room at the Camp Nou straight away.

4. Real-life rewards

Imagine meeting the players, watching games as a VIP guest at the Camp Nou, or maybe one day even joining the players for tapas…!

5. Digital rewards

Fan Token holders on have already received personal messages from players, imagine how cool it would be to receive a direct video message from one of your Barça heroes… we’re coming up with amazing new digital experiences all the time!

6. Cool features 

Token Hunt is our Augmented Reality (AR) feature which allows you to track down $CHZ Tokens (you can use these to buy more $BAR) and, occasionally $BAR too. 

7. Join another club – Socios United $SSU

As soon as you download the app you’ll receive a Socios United ($SSU) Fan Token completely free. You can use this token to take part in quizzes, games and polls for all members of the community.

8. Chat – coming soon

We’ll be launching Chat communities for  $BAR Fan Token holders on the app, allowing you to communicate with real fans from around the world in secure forums. 

9. Games – coming soon

We’re going to launch club specific games and quizzes allowing you to compete against other $BAR holders.

10. Become the number 1 Barca Fan

Imagine being able to show off to your friends and fellow Barça supporters that you are the number one Barça Fan in your country or city! As you climb our forthcoming Leaderboard feature, you’ll gain access to amazing Barça-linked rewards too.

#BARiscoming.  Make sure you are ready.

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