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5 Reasons why you need

Influence your team

There is nothing more thrilling than cheering your club to victory, nothing more devastating than witnessing a crushing defeat, and nothing more unifying than the beautiful game of football. But what if you could take your passion one step further, putting you – the fan – at the heart of your club, with the power to influence decision-making? With, clubs will seek your opinion, and they’ll listen to your voice. This is your chance to be heard and make a difference.


Be the First

Never before have football fans had the chance to influence the clubs they support in a meaningful way. Now, for the first time, fans from across the globe can interact directly with their clubs and vote on club matters. Plus, you’ll be the first to know when clubs are looking to make a change or are seeking input from fans.


Real Decisions. Real Votes.

Your opinion matters. There are two types of polls on – binding and non-binding. With binding polls, clubs are obliged to honor the result. In non-binding polls, clubs will take the results into consideration when taking the final decision. All votes are made using seamless blockchain technology, which means that votes can’t be erased or changed once made.


Join the Super Fans

In joining, you’ll join a global community of football fans who share your passion for the beautiful game. As part of this community, you can use your digital Fan Tokens to vote and influence decision-making. Fan Tokens are limited in number, so be sure to get in there early to secure your right to vote.


Super Fan = Super Access

As a supercharged fan, you’ll have the opportunity to access VIP experiences, exclusive events and much more. The more you vote on polls and interact with the app, the more access you’ll have.

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