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Flamengo Fan Tokens

“Flamengo! Flamengo! Tua glória é lutar, Flamengo! Flamengo! Campeão de terra e mar”... the terraces of the Maracanã Stadium hum as their beloved team entertains in the only way they know how: the Brazilian style. Welcome to the world of Flamengo, the heartbeat of Rio de Janeiro. 

This isn’t just a club, but a cultural phenomenon, blending the love for the game with the vibrant spirit of Brazil. Think flair, style and passion, forged into an iconic black and scarlet crest that dominates. Fans sing about the glory of land and sea, stating an ambition that’s unmatched.

CR Flamengo’s track record is impressive. They’ve clinched the Brasileirão, Brazil’s premier football division, seven times and have conquered South America too, with three Copa Libertadores trophies to their name, including their famous victory in 2022. This team isn’t just about playing; they’re about winning and making history.

Flamengo’s home ground, the Maracanã Stadium, is a footballing temple. With a capacity of over 78,000, it’s a place where the energy of the fans meets the passion on the pitch, creating an electrifying atmosphere that is world-famous. It’s an architectural marvel and the decibel volume when Flamengo turns up the heat is deafening. 

Their style of play? Think skilful, fast-paced, and tactical. They bring a unique flair to the game, reflecting the rhythm and dynamism of their home city. It’s the perfect example of a footballing culture that emerges from the flamboyance and grit of Rio de Janeiro.

And here’s something you might not know: Flamengo started off as a rowing team, back in 1895, on Flamengo Beach in Rio. Rowing was considered an elite sport and as football fever took over, this rowing club transitioned to the football club we know today: CR Flamengo.

For fans seeking football with a touch of Brazilian flair and an unforgettable experience, Flamengo is the team to watch. It’s not just about the game; it’s about being part of a legacy. 

Flamengo Fan Tokens

You can be a part of this incredible legacy with Flamengo Fan Tokens, available on Fan Tokens give you closer access to the club by enabling you to vote in official polls, win huge prizes that take you to the heart of your team and score exclusive Fan Rewards. Let’s run through these things together: 

What are Flamengo Fan Tokens

A Fan Token is a digital asset that transforms your passion into rewards. As a Fan Token holder, you have the potential to access once-in-a-lifetime experiences, exclusive benefits and other perks for being what you’ve always been – a passionate fan. Fan Tokens empower you to vote in official team polls, predict results, check-in for games, play games, choose your favourite players and more while generating reward points that lead to extraordinary Fan Rewards.

Flamengo Fan Tokens Holder Benefits & Rewards

Fan Tokens empower you to reward your passion. Think of unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences like meeting the players, re-creating classic goals or even being a part of matchday in novel and exciting ways. You can win matchday tickets, VIP seats, behind-the-scenes access and more with your Flamengo Fan Tokens.

Score Incredible Fan Rewards

Fans earn Fan Rewards by engaging with the team on the app. Each time you predict and check into matches, play in-app games or vote in polls, you’ll score points. These points tally and enable you to get SSU. SSU are your in-app loyalty tokens, and you’ll trade these in for Fan Rewards.

Fan Tokens have enabled fans to travel with the first team, win unique match used merchandize and even enjoy VIP matchday experiences with team legends. Are you ready to get rewarded for your loyalty?

Vote In Polls and Make Your Mark on Flamengo

Perhaps one of the most commonly used features on the app is the voting system. Your Fan Tokens give you a say in your club. You’ll be able to pick shirt designs, stadium murals, official team merch and more, making your mark on all things red and black! Whenever you use Fan Tokens, you always get to keep them, so keep impacting your side with your Fan Tokens. 

Engage with Flamengo for Experience and Leaderboard Points

Use your Fan Tokens to score XP and LP on the app. XP are experience points, gained every time you level up. LP are leaderboard points, and these stack in Team Leaderboards. Here, you’ll compete with fellow fans to win huge prizes when you rank at the end of the season!

Score points each time you:

  • Vote in polls
  • Check in to matches – do this each matchday to bag easy points!
  • Predict the score – get maximum points for the perfect score, and score when you guess the outcome too
  • Play in-app games, Freekick challenge and Pop & Swap.

How To Buy Flamengo Fan Tokens

Download the app and follow these three steps to get your first Flamengo Fan Tokens:

1. Open the app and tap on Wallet.

2. Top up your Wallet with our in-app currency, Chiliz ($CHZ)

3. Tap on Sports, tap on All Teams and then hit Football to filter out football teams. Then search for Flamengo and get your Fan Tokens using the $CHZ you just bought. 

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