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Why Socios?

Passion for your football club is something you can’t buy. Through thick and thin, rain or shine, tears or smiles, you never give up. It’s not just a game; football is a way of life.

Being a football fan is so much more than just watching a match – it’s about dedication, loyalty and being there, wherever you are, to support your team and help them win.

Legendary Liverpool manager, Bill Shankly perfectly summed this up when he said “to you, football is a matter of life or death!” and I said, Listen, it’s more important than that.”

Here at we looked at the beautiful game and understood that despite the unmatched devotion fans felt for their clubs, the sacrifices you make aren’t always rewarded.

There’s a missing link, a lost connection, where both clubs and fans are missing out on a higher level of engagement.

We spoke to football fans from all over the world – 51% of fans said that they felt detached from their favorite club, and a further 52% felt that they should be given more influence over club decisions.

But what really caught our attention was how football fans, and their opinions, have been put at the epicenter of the game. Social media has changed the way fans interact with their clubs, allowing fans to voice their point of view and concerns in forums with thousands of other fans.

But despite all this, fans still don’t have a meaningful voice to influence their club.

Until now.

How great would it be if fans could have a collective voice and be asked their opinion? We thought long and hard and realized that blockchain technology gave us the opportunity to build a platform that did just that: a powerful voting app that gave fans a voice and the chance to supercharge their love for their club.

Our partner clubs are now asking the opinion of fans on certain decisions through binding and non-binding polls, just take a look at the very first poll that we launched.

Participating in these polls also gets you perks and privileges reserved for app users – including exclusive VIP experiences, prizes, and merchandise that will only be available through

What are you waiting for? Download the app now!

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